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Reborn Bakelite provide the most authentic and faithfully recreated Bakelite products using our own elevated material, Brolite. Our door furniture and home accessories, including finger plates for doors, art deco door knobs, and brown and black door handles, are recreated from the iconic Bakelite originals.

We us modern manufacturing methods, ensuring they are resilient against daily wear and tear. We have a wide range of art deco door knobs, coat hooks, bathroom locks and more to ensure that no detail in your property is left without a signature vintage accent. Each Brolite replica is almost identical to the originals, so you won’t find more faithfully recreated Bakelite products than with Reborn Bakelite. Start shopping online today!

Search through our wide selection of available products, however, if you are looking for something specificity that you are unable find, please call me on 07973307858 so that we can try to find the exact product you require.

The products are amazingly diverse, meaning they are able to match existing door hardware. Additionally, new combinations can be created as all the handles/knobs will fit into every back-plate, making endless different sets.

I would like to say a special thanks and acknowledge Nick Garrod for the Art Deco picture on my homepage of the dining room at the Hoover Building London. It truly represents the art deco period in its shapes and styles.

Reborn Bakelite: The Home of Authentic Brolite Replicas

Vintage-style “Bakelite” door furniture has been “Re-born” under the name of: BROLITE

Most Bakelite replicas are available in Mottled Walnut Brown or the more unusual Black. Door knobs and handles are all interchangeable on all our back-plates meaning a huge number permutations are available.

Phil Tillyer – Tel: 07973307858 | Reborn Bakelite | Bakelite Door Furniture.

Bakelite Art Deco Door Knobs and Handles

During my 30 years’ in the construction industry, it has always been a struggle to find art deco handles, knobs, and other restoration hardware for the properties we work on, whether that be a set of 3 or a complete 15-piece set for the household.

Over the years, I have collected an extensive range of period door hardware ranging from medieval locks right through to 60s contoured plastic handles. One of my all-time favourites are the Bakelite door handles and knobs from the 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s, in particular the early art deco sets.

Finding an intact set is extremely rare and very expensive, which is why I am so pleased to be able to offer the full range of Brolite art deco door hardware. Brolite offers faithful recreations of the iconic Bakelite products but uses modern manufacturing techniques to ensure that each piece stands the test of time and prolonged use in your property.

Over the last 5 years I have had an EBay shop selling period door hardware, as an accompaniment to my construction business. I am now fortunate to represent Brolite and introduce their product to the market, which I am very excited about.

Our product categories allow you to pick and choose the various options to build your own unique look and feel including Knobs, Handles, Keyholes and Fingerplates.
If you would like any further details about Reborn Bakelite or any of our products, please use our contact form or call on 07973307858.

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