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Walnut Bakelite BROLITE Back-plate with Key Hole

Walnut Brown Bakelite Back-plate with Keyhole.
1 x 6050MOT + 4 screws

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No. 6050MOT
Mottled Brown Bakelite Back-plate with Keyhole.
Supplied with screws.

A vintage-style real Bakelite back-plate with keyhole to suit door knobs and handles. These have been expertly modelled on the early 20th century originals. The inside diameter of the collar (hole) for the knob/handle is 23mm. Before deciding you require this, check on the size of the neck of your door knob or handle as it cannot exceed 22mm. This back-plate suits all of our door knobs or handles. The colour is Mottled Brown and also available in Black
Size: 179mm x 55mm


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