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BROLUX 6005 Bathroom Conversion
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BROLUX 6005 Bathroom Conversion

BROLUX 6005 Bathroom Conversion Polished Chrome Turn/Release
1no 6005PCH + 2 x Holes in Clients Purchased Backplates
Holes cut to order, Allow 10 days max

Availability: In Stock


What you should not use for bathroom, shower rooms or toilets is to lock the door with a key or a slide bolt that does not allow easy entry into the room in the event of an emergency.
To overcome this issue, you can either purchase our No. 6000 BROLITE Bakelite Privacy Turn & Release which fits independently of the handles, or we are able to modify your BROLUX Bakelite door handles or knobs to suit a bathroom lock. This modification prepares the BROLUX backplate (without a keyhole) for a thumb-turn & release by the drilling of the holes in the backplates at the required measurement (57mm) to suit the lock. The result gives you a thumb-turn on the inside of the room and an emergency release facility on the outside.
Operation: For privacy, rotating the turn, shoots out a bolt from the bathroom lock in the edge of the door. If the need arises (and these emergencies do happen), you can gain entry to the inside simply by using a coin or screwdriver to rotate the release slot on the external handle.
You will need to select your desired design of BROLITE knobs or handles making sure the backplate you select is without the keyhole.
The bathroom mortice locks can replace a keyed mortice lock, just check what size the existing lock is (commonly 3" deep).
You will also require; Bathroom Lock..Product code for our  bathroom lock is: 2294/75CH for 3" or 2294/63CH for 2.5"

Product Code: 6005PCH


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