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BROLUX Black Art Deco Bakelite Backplate

BROLUX Black Art Deco Bakelite Backplate
1no 7055BLK

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Not since the 1930’s have these (what were) PERMAX patented Bakelite door handles and door knobs been available as new. The BROLUX pieces have been modelled on the original early 20th century PERMAX parts. These incorporated a very clever brass flange that allows the knob (or handle) to be secured to the back-plate without the need for the usual grub screws. (We think this is a sort-of luxury not to need the grub screws to attach the knob or lever handle to the spindle. This gave us the idea to use the name Brolux)
Please note, the BROLUX collection is not interchangeable with BROLITE. As far as we know, PERMAX only produced one style of backplate with a matching door knob or lever handle. We are producing BROLUX available as spare parts or in sets in Walnut or Black. 
Brass flange is not included
Parts: Backplate only (with or without keyhole), Door Knob only, Lever Handle only, Brass Flange and 6” x 5/16” plain spindle.

Backplate: 204mm x 64mm

Product Code: 7055BLK

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