Walnut Bakelite BROLITE Odeon Lever Handles
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Walnut Bakelite BROLITE Odeon Lever Handles

Pair Walnut Brown Bakelite Odeon Lever Handles
2no 6202 + 2no 6060 + 1no 6001 = 6602MOT

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A pair of unsprung vintage-style real Bakelite Door Handles complete with square backplates. A Deco lever both sides of the door offers easy operation. Complete with 5/16" spindle so it should fit some old locks as well as new ones. Grub screws and wood screws are also supplied.
They suit either mortice locks or rim locks. For rim lock use, simply discard one of the two back-plates.
The square back-plate is No 6060 and the lever is No 6202 these parts can be purchased separately if required.
Black or Mottled Brown are available
Size: Handle: 115mm,
Back-plate: 57mm square
Projection: 50mm

Product Code: DFLH6602MOT