Brolux Bakelite Door Handles

Reborn Bakelite offer faithful Bakelite product remakes that are virtually inseparable from the originals. Our Brolite door handles are available in different colours, styles, and finishes to best suit your property, and are recreated in true art deco style. Our Brolux door handles are the perfect addition to your property renovations, DIY projects, or period home revivals. They form our extensive range of replica Bakelite products, meaning you will find a matching set across our website to complete your home’s vintage character.,br/>Not since the 1930s have these what-were Permax patented Bakelite door handles and door knobs been available as new. Our Brolux pieces have been modelled on the original early 20th century Permax models. We are producing these fabulous pieces in Walnut or Black and are offered in the form of individual parts or sets. These incorporated a very clever brass flange that allows the knob (or handle) to be secured to the back-plate without the need for the usual grub screws. We named this range Brolux after this luxury and seamless fitting, achieving a nice art deco look unmarred by screws.,br/>Take a look at our Brolux door handles, the exact replicas of the 1931 originals.


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